Anonymous sent: What do you mean by giveaway? Are you giving your games? thanks :)

Umm…I’m giving away my some magazines and CDsno games…I might in the near future give away some games….

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Anonymous sent: For the giveaway, are we allowed to reblog multiple times?

Sorry for the late reply.
To answer your question, I guess you can reblog as much as you want.

…or 3 times……..

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❶ Yes I will ship it international. I want this to be open and fair for my followers. Everything will be from out of my pocket, so no worry!

❷ I just check. You are right. I’m trying to figure out the reason why.

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❶ Sadly, I don’t have that relationship with my parents that I’ll just call them or they call me. We don’t really exactly express our feelings to each other…I usually just confide it with my sisters.
LET’S DO OUR BEST! がんばります!

② There will be 5 winners. Each dash represents one prize. I think one winner will be unfair. MORE WINNERS!

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❶ Thank you. And yes, I am studying in the US. I just wish time would go by faster.

② 3YEARS?!! That’s crazy. I hope you are doing okay.  I don’t know how you can do 3 years.

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The Contest
- Ends on 00:01AM, 2014/09/01.
- The winner will be chosen at random from post notes.

- OTOMATE CD Book -Hakuoki VOL. 1
- OTOMATE CD Book -Hakuoki VOL. 2
- DIABOLIK LOVERS haunted dark bridal VISUALBOOK
- 2 DIABOLIK  LOVERS picture cards + Teddy Phone Charm
- OPERETTA Inwaku no Hakoniwa

- Follow the blog. You must be a follower to be able to win. 
- Reblog or like the post.

*Have questions? Send to my ASK.
I apologize for the lack of gifts.


Major Homesick. I just returned last night into the States and I’m already missing home. I miss mom and dad. I miss grandma and grandpa. I miss Sena, Yuu, and Susu. I wanted to stay in an extra week, but I cant. I think my mom didn’t think I was too happy to be back home, but I was very tired from the flight so I wasn’t the most enthusiastic person.

I just want to cry…but there is no tears.

I’m going to rest now. I’ll post the items for the giveaway tonight. There is an opretta CD I’m giving away.

Q: Giveaway

What do you want in the giveaway?

Is diabolik lovers ok? Wasurenagusa? Kamigami no Asobi? Brother’s conflict?


I love that you can clearly see Evans go “SHIT” and Stan go “WOW” and Scarlett definitely reacts, but then plays it off like it’s no big deal. 

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imagine your icon hugging in you and they lean in so close you can feel their lips moving and their breath on your ear a they whisper “hail hydra”